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Address: Yuzbasi Aldoğan Sokak , No :4, Ofis : 305, Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey
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C#, SQL SERVER, MySQL, SQL, T-SQL, CMS , BOOTSTRAP , HTML5 and CSS3 technologies with
intermediate and higher knowledge and skills. I have knowledge about management management
systems. The software is a leading and targeted country. Here I enjoy her time. I am a solution
developer of problems with my analytical intelligence and develop algorithms immediately in my
imagination. In the Network Marketing sector, I tried to develop software that has mathematical and
complex calculations. Research and curiosity are the main factors that keep me up to date. I always do
my job with love and faith. And if I do, we will succeed in team. When you focus on work, I can
integrate into all kinds of programming and infrastructure. With the knowledge and experience that I
have added to my software development expertise, I aim to see and direct myself even more.
Stay With Love.

Everything can be improved by working, even dreams and dreams.
Suat Karaytu

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