Automate emails based on your users’ in‑app activity, schedule social posts, re‑engage your landing page visitors, and more with the latest Mailchimp updates.

We’ve been tinkering away at new features and tools to make marketing your business even easier with Mailchimp. Dive into a few of the things we launched over the last few months to help you keep growing at every time of year.

Send automated emails trigged by users’ in-app behavior

If you have a mobile or web app, you can now connect your users’ in-app behavior to your Mailchimp Marketing CRM to see all your app and marketing data together in one place.

And with behavioral targeting automations, you can now send emails to users when they hit certain milestones, like downloads, plan renewal, and more. We capture events from your app as automation triggers and make sure the right message gets sent at the right moment. The best part? Because it’s automated, you can set it up once and it runs for you behind the scenes.

Engage your fans with organic social posting

We’ve offered social ads for a while now, but recently we’ve introduced a better way to manage your social media accounts and connect with your followers from our all-in-one Marketing Platform. Organic social posting (included with all plans) and post scheduling (included with Standard and Premium plans) is now available for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Now you can create and publish posts in minutes, right from your Mailchimp account. Keep track of performance and engagement with our social reporting, so you know what’s working and what isn’t. And with post scheduling, your accounts don’t have to take a day off—even if you do.

Recapture the attention of landing page visitors

Landing pages just got smarter with tags and retargeting. When people browse your landing page and leave, you can now bring them back with Google remarketing ads. Design and run ads in a few clicks using the same messages, images, and products that visitors will recognize from your page.

We also now offer automatic tagging from landing pages, so anytime a new contact signs up from your page, they’ll be given a tag that helps you identify and target them later with specific messaging. With more robust landing page features, it’s easier to grow your audience and promote your business.

We’re constantly making improvements to our all-in-one Marketing Platform so you can market smarter and grow faster. To learn about other feature enhancements, and new tools, be sure to check out What’s New for all our recent updates.

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